The WHY behind the WHAT

Pondering and thinking lately about purpose and the reason behind why we do things. Maybe it’s because the new year is approaching and I enjoy taking time to reflect. This year I feel a deep thankfulness that my life looks drastically different from last year. There is so much more possibility and excitement in the air. I am walking out dreams that I’ve held onto for years and at times thought I would never see realized.

Ask yourself as we enter a new year, is there a deep why to my what? How badly do I want to live life to its fullest capacity? How much do I want to achieve success and what does success even look like? Am I willing to align my beliefs so that every part of me resonates with purpose? If you’re not completely committed to the process, then it’s easy to give up partway through. Have you ever found yourself excited at the start of something only to be physically opposed to it halfway through? Every cell in your being does not want to complete the task. Many new years resolutions have failed is a similar fashion. Yet, when you have a deep sense of purpose or vision of the end goal, you are compelled to see it through to the finish. No amount of storms can prevent you from seeing it through.

We all have different motivators and reasons why we get up in the morning. Motivators to live with intention and to seek out the best version of ourselves. When I’m submerged in a process that has me lacking motivation or purpose, my faith in God keeps me moving. That is my center. When I’m stuck, I remember that God hasn’t given up on me, and faithfully pursued me in the middle of my hardest seasons. I choose to keep taking steps forward when life gets difficult and remind myself why I started the journey. What is your core motivator and center that keeps you moving? What are your dreams and desires? In what areas do you carry a deep sense of purpose in your life?

By asking those questions, it may actually expose more of what you are not rather than what you are. I’ve been there too. Lived for a season merely a shadow of myself. Allowed the beliefs of others overshadow my own. Chose to live trapped by circumstance, rather than seeking a way forward. Got hopelessly off track. Thankfully, there’s hope! Each day is brand new and holds fresh promise to start afresh. You can think a new thought, dream a new dream, and make a plan forward in the direction that you want to go! Recognize where you are, even if that means having a hard conversation with yourself. You’re worth it. You’re worth taking the time and effort to live the life of your dreams. Determine where you want to go and take small steps in that direction. Give yourself permission to create a beautiful life.

Know that the darkest nights occur before dawn. Your most overwhelming breakdown, lowest moment, or biggest discouragement comes right before your greatest breakthrough. You simply must keep moving. The hardest seasons that you will walk through are still a chapter to your story, not the ending. Do not give up. What if you knew in the middle that the joy in front of you would far outweigh the sadness or pain you are walking through? Would that change your perspective? Let me encourage you to keep pressing forward. Your story is meant to be told and others need to hear the joyous ending. Don’t give up in the middle. You have permission to create a beautiful life.

Kristin Sykes