Alignment: The Foundation for a Thriving Life

     This is an article about my personal journey because I believe it will resonate with you. It may turn into a series of articles about living healthy and thriving because of how much insight I’ve gained these past few years walking it out. May my journey help your journey. I want to inspire you. If I can feel more healthy, have more energy, and be more fit now at 33 than at 23, then you can too! Have you ever felt stuck and frustrated with no solution in sight? You’re unhappy with your current life situation, but uncertain of the path to a happy and fulfilled life? Maybe it’s a job situation, relationship, or location where you live. I was living in a state of frustration for more than a few years. I knew I was unhappy, but I did not know how to take steps towards my ideal life. What I did not realize was that freedom, clarity, fulfillment, and my best life was right around the corner! I’ve only just begun to walk this out and it’s so far beyond the life I was living before. I want to infuse you with hope that thriving is not out of reach! In this article are a few questions to ask yourself. You can make small changes to your own life and start feeling hopeful and new today.

    The foundation for a thriving life is alignment. Do my daily decisions align with my desire for living a healthy life? Am I fueling my body in a way that serves me or am I simply gratifying a short term need? For example, if I have no energy and am living off caffeine to get through the day, then I am out of alignment in my health. This was me. What I did not realize was that relying on stimulants was raising my cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and preventing my body from resting and repairing itself. I functioned this way for years out of necessity, to get through school or long workdays, but after awhile it became a crutch. I noticed my hair was shedding more and more to the point of coming out in large clumps. As a woman, where our hair is designed to be a crown of beauty, I was freaking out that I might go bald! It took some time to regain balance in this area, but it is amazing how our bodies can heal. Some changes I made were simple, but needed to be done consistently. I started taking vitamins regularly. I drank water with lemon or lime juice in the morning to improve the alkalinity of my system. An alkaline system improves hormone function, helps with absorption of nutrients, and so much more. Things like caffeine, alcohol, and sugar all create an acidic system and in acidity disease and dysfunction thrives. Instead of dysfunction, I want health to thrive in my body! Once I started seeing results I was convinced that these small changes were having a massive impact. I now have more energy than ever before and feel like I can enjoy things that used to be a burden. My hair is no longer constantly shedding.

    In order to live your best life, your thinking must be in alignment with your direction and purpose. Ask yourself, are my thoughts propelling my journey or sabotaging my journey? Fear often lives on the threshold of a major life change. You can expect to have fearful thoughts when you are embarking on personal growth, but it is your choice to entertain them and allow them to shift the direction of your life. Expressions of fear may also be coming from someone in your world and their opinion matters to you. A key that helped me navigate this was to first identify that fear was ruling my thoughts and actions. Then once identified, I determined the source. If someone was feeding me with fear, then I had to limit the amount of time or at the very least the weightiness of their opinion in my life. If the source was internal, then I needed to do some work on replacing personal fears with faith. I wrote down statements of faith such as, “I carry peace,” “I am full of joy,” or “I am worthy of love.” What you behold you will become. I made a conscious choice in my thought life to behold good, lovely, and hopeful things. You can choose to feel joy, love, and peace, rather than fear or doubt. The more you act this out, the easier it becomes.

    I want to fuel my faith and put energy into all that is good. It’s too easy to be bombarded by rational thinking or negative news. It takes effort to rise above the noise and silence the voices that seek to sabotage your success, but it is a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor. You can live your best life and walk out daily the dreams and desires of your heart. If you need someone in your corner to cheer you on, then please reach out, message or email me. We all need like minded people to surround us and spur us forward. The journey doesn’t have to be lonely if we come alongside one another.  

Kristin Sykes