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The scenario is far too common. Your symptoms get worse and improve based on your activities, but never fully resolve. Just when you think it’s better, you do something to set things back again. First the pain episodes were spaced apart, but now they have become more and more frequent. What do you do?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to confidently say that knee pain was a thing of the past?

It is possible to protect yourself and confidently ward off knee pain. You simply have to know the RIGHT way to treat it and the RIGHT way to move in order to protect yourself. There is a formula. There is only a small percentage of individuals that need surgery for their knee pain, but this is a final resort after exhausting every other option available. Physical Therapy must be at the top of the list of treatment options.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to treat knee pain effectively or has your best interest at heart.

Have you ever heard, “you’re just going to have to live with it” or “that’s just the way you are and there’s nothing you can do about it?” These phrases convey such hopelessness and get spoken all too often for folks with chronic hip pain. Maybe you’ve even sought treatment for your knee pain only to find it persists or gets worse?

If you find yourself reading the free report and you’ve tried everything on the list, then you are a prime candidate for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with one of our knee pain specialists. We often get clients at Sports PT Lab that have been to other providers, tried Physical Therapy or chiropractic care, had injections, or even surgery. See if you are someone we can help by scheduling a phone consultation. There is no obligation or pressure to commit. We only want to answer your questions, hear your story, and provide hope, clarity, and direction. We can also schedule a no-obligation free DISCOVERY session for you to come in and speak in person. Learn more about us and what we do before committing to anything.