The Sports PT Lab was created FOR YOU!


We're here to provide clarity, answers, and direction in regards to injury rehabilitation, recovery, performance, and prevention.

Injuries keep you from operating at your optimal potential and ultimately impact all areas of your life. Do you want to take ownership over your body and create a path to a healthy and full life but don't know where to start?

Are you an active person but find yourself unable to get past a specific setback?

Are you confused which type of clinician has the answers you need? Do I go see an orthopedist? A chiropractor? Do I need imaging? Do I need a prescription before seeing a Physical Therapist (PT)?

Have you received multiple rounds of cortisone injections but have failed to see lasting improvement?

Have you seen a PT or chiropractor for weeks and months on end without a solution?

Has someone told you that you'll never be able to run, squat, lift or (fill in the blank) again?

Do you have pain when you perform a specific activity( i.e. running, squatting, snatching)?

If you resonated with any of these questions. Come visit us! Step into the Lab. We will provide clear answers, vision, and direction which will ultimately bring you into the realization of your goals.


What makes us different?

We are here to help you on your journey to reach your goals!

Your story is valuable!

You will get One-on-one treatment

60 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

You can come in without a prescription

Personalized programs

A clear diagnosis and time frame for recovery

We value integrity and honesty

If we don't have the answers, then we will tell you who does

NO "cookie cutter" treatment or "one-size fits all"

NO "come in 3x a week" forever and ever

NO delays in care or "go home and rest"