Step into the Lab

Navigating You on a Path to Healing, Recovery, and an Active Lifestyle


Movement Analysis

Through slow motion video analysis, we determine the source of movement inefficiency and solve the breakdown. Often these subtle changes lead to performance gains such as increased speed, power, and elimination of pain. 



In order to perform the way our bodies were designed, we need capacity. Mobility gives your body the capacity to kneel, achieve squat depth, reach overhead, and so much more. We don't notice mobility deficits until all of the sudden we can't do something or pain becomes a barrier. Let us enhance your mobility by navigating through your individual strengths and limitations to set you up for an overall improved lifestyle.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is helpful for tissue healing and recovery! It increase blood flow to areas that need it and reduces pain. Find out how dry needling can help you and inquire today!


Reach Your Full Potential

What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? What drives and motivates you? Defining these will propel you forward when challenges come. It will keep your eyes focused ahead as you keep taking steps to realize your dreams. Define your "why" and then choices along the way become simplified. Sports PT Lab can navigate you to compete, race, achieve, or perform, BUT the fire to do this comes from within YOU.