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Afraid the pain will never go away?

Are you going to bed at night hoping the pain will be better in the morning? Does it seem to improve, but then certain activities trigger the pain cycle all over again? Every day we see clients SET FREE from nagging pain and cycles of injury with no end in sight. The FOCUS at Sports PT Lab is YOUR TRANSFORMATION! We look for the root cause and put together all the facts to ensure you not only become pain free, but that it does not return. A good Physical Therapist will solve your pain. A GREAT Physical Therapist will TRANSFORM your life. What are you looking for?


Feel Your VERY Best Again!

Do you want to go for a run without thinking about whether it will hurt? Do you want to get back to the gym without limitations? Do you want to feel the same energy and excitement for life again and not feel zapped because pain is making you tired? Think of all the things you want to do and accomplish if pain was not holding you back. This could be your new normal. It’s possible! Learn how Physical Therapy can transform your life and get you back on the path you want to be living.




Everyone is advertising quick fixes these days, but do they produce the desired results? When pain is concerned, you will find that a topical cream, brace, or medication may work for a brief window, but it’s simply a band-aid to the real problem. In contrast, Sports PT Lab looks at the root cause and the WHOLE person to see what is causing a breakdown in the system. By putting things together this way you will experience the lasting results you desire. It requires hard work and determination, but the effort is worthwhile.


Reach Your Full Potential

What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? What drives and motivates you? Defining these will propel you forward when challenges come. It will keep your eyes focused ahead as you keep taking steps to realize your dreams. Define your "why" and then choices along the way become simplified. Sports PT Lab can navigate you to compete, race, achieve, or perform, BUT the fire to do this comes from within YOU.