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Do you have Hip Pain?

After multiple injuries over the years and getting frustrated I just thought I would never be able to get back to running and reaching my big goal of completing a full Ironman. I hurt my hip this spring and couldn’t run without pain. I went to my doctor and he referred me to Kristin and it was the best thing I have done. The first day she analyzed my run and found lots of things I could do it improve it. I’ve been working on my run with all the tips she’s given me and my hip pain is gone. She’s amazing and really takes the time to listen to you and your goals. She is very encouraging and I definitely need that. I love the exercises she gave me and the run/walking plan. She is very responsive and gets back to you fast with any question you have. I can’t wait to improve my run even more and avoid injury so I can complete IM FL next in 2019. I highly recommend Kristin! Thank you!
— Stephanie F.
My journey with Kristin began in 2014 leading to a new friendship and returning me to a pain-free and active lifestyle. She provided outstanding therapy and counsel while guiding me through consecutive total posterior hip replacements. Kristin’s experience and knowledge helped lead to the initial diagnosis and helped me understand what was going on with my hips, including a thorough review of my options. Following a successful surgery, working with her led to a full and pain-free recovery in each hip following the surgeries. She took the time to understand my recovery goals and put a program in place to help me reach them. I have returned to the physical activities that I love: biking, golfing, weight training, and hiking with my dogs - all without any limits. Kristin is dedicated, friendly, energetic and knowledgeable while providing exceptional quality of care. I continue to seek her therapy anytime I have another injury.
— Brian J.
Love Kristin and the services provided here! I have a nagging injury, however over the course of one session learned what was causing the issue and was able to get back to running again. Kristin takes the time to understand your goals and what activities (or lack thereof) caused the injury in the first place, she then addresses the injury, and educates you on how to avoid in the future. The goal at Sports PT Lab is to get you healed properly, not just put a bandaid on the injury. Will definitely visit for maintenance as I continue marathon training.
— Sarah E.
Kristin is a knowledgeable and compassionate physical therapist. I came to Kristin broken and discouraged. She gave me hope and restored the confidence in myself that I had lost. Her insight and personalized care not only helped me overcome my persistent and painful running injury, but she also improved my overall approach to wellness. Kristin put me on the path to recovery by giving me the tools to not only become a stronger runner, but to prevent future injuries as well. Without her I would not have had the chance to return to pain free running and achieve my goals. I am so thankful for Kristin and her personalized, caring approach!!
— Michelle O.

Do you have Foot or Ankle Pain?

I came to Kristin after a podiatrist told me I had arthritis in my ankle, nerve damage and was told I may not be able to run again. I told her my goal was to prove this doctor wrong and have I ever! I can now run strongly without pain and I cant thank her enough for getting me to this point! She will make you work and will work with you. She also takes the time to show proper form for exercises and for running as well. I already referred one friend to her and will continue to do so!
— K. Johnson
I’ve had more injuries than I’d care to count in my 15 years of being a competitive long-distance runner, including during the 4 years I spent competing at the NCAA DI level in college. When I once again found myself with another sidelining injury (severe Achilles tendinosis), Kristin not only resolved my issue once and for all, but she also got to the root of the muscular imbalances and areas that lacked mobility, which had essentially been causing all my injuries to begin with! She took the time to help me modify my gait and learn to activate all the necessary muscles needed for powerful, efficient running. She recommended I try a different shoe that was lighter, more flexible, and with a zero-drop heel-toe discrepancy which allowed my body to move more naturally. Now over 3 years after going through physical therapy with Kristin, I am running stronger and faster than ever. The best part is, I’ve been injury-free during that entire time. Kristin taught me strengthening and mobility exercises that would allow me to get back to running and stay healthy for the long term. She wanted to teach me what I need to know, so that in a short period of time, I no longer needed her. I actually looked forward to going to physical therapy so much, that once I started getting better and only saw her once every few weeks, I was a bit sad. Kristin always made me feel like I was more than just a patient she had to squeeze in before her next client arrived. She took the time to get to know me, not just as an injured athlete, but as a person. I would highly recommend Kristin and her expertise to anyone who is currently dealing with any kind of injury that is preventing you from pursuing your athletic endeavors. You won’t be disappointed.
— C. Smith

Do you have Knee Pain?

I have been helped tremendously by Dr. Kristin Sykes through physical therapy and that is why I am writing this evaluation - to let others know there is one physical therapist can genuinely help them. This is only the second recommendation I have ever written for a doctor, the first doctor turned out to be the #1 nationally rated Internist at Johns Hopkins over the years, and I attest that Kristin is the #1 Physical Therapist that I have ever encountered in my lifetime. Kristin is that rare, highly skilled and knowledgeable Physical Therapist that genuinely cares about each individual patient and works extremely hard and expertly to effectively treat each unique medical issue with accuracy and outstanding effectiveness. On top of that Kristin is so very kind, compassionate, gentle-spirited, and yet always professional. If you can find a better Physical Therapist than Kristin than consider yourself winning the lottery, but truly Kristin is one-in-a trillion doctor and I give her my highest ever recommendation! My story, is brief, I had suffered 20+ years of chronic knee pain and swelling, as well as foot and hip pain. Limping and descending stairs one step at a time “peg-leg” style had become a way of life with no hope of ever walking or descending stairs normally again. I had been treated over the years by chiropractors, other physical therapists, orthopedists, and was at the point of having knee replacement when my #1 Internist suggested I try Physical Therapy with a different therapist, one last time, before turning to surgery. I lucked out in that I randomly came under the care of Dr. Kristin Sykes at a Sports Physical Therapy center where I scheduled my appointment. Kristin carefully assessed my medical issues and started to work...and she worked hard, tirelessly, determined to correct all of my orthopedic issues if there was a way, and she clearly thought that she could help me. Help me Kristin did!! More than my wildest dreams and hopes, as I had virtually given up, I am now walking NORMALLY, descending stairs NORMALLY, no more chronic forever knee pain or swelling - it is GONE! My hip and foot pain are gone too! Many many thanks to Kristin to giving me back my mobility.... and feeling 20 years younger, too! Kristin, in my book, will always be the #1 Physical Therapist, there is no one like her! She is unique, no other Physical Therapist comes close to her abilities and care.”
— Marie D
Kristin was outstanding in helping me with my acute patellar tendonitis. Her treatment was almost miraculous in how quickly I recovered. Also, she was very responsive in phone consultation and getting me in on very short notice since I had to go on a trip.
— Scott M.
Kristin was just incredible! I had surgery scheduled for my knees when I saw Kristin as a last attempt at resolving the pain in my knees. I had stopped running altogether and was miserable. Kristin helped me discover that I had been running with bad form my entire life! No wonder my knees hurt. She helped me to isolate the problems with my run after the run analysis and we then worked on manual therapy for the pain and exercises to change my run. After my time with Kristin I was running again, and still am years later. I am so very grateful for the help that Kristin gave me. However, not only is Kristin an incredibly competent and knowledgeable PT, she is also kind, compassionate and very personable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
— Michelle K.

Do you have Back Pain?

I strongly recommend Kristin to anyone needing physical therapy. She is simply THE BEST! I was suffering from severe lower back pain (spinal stenosis) since 2005 from golfing. My back muscles were so tight that I could not walk more than a city block without having to sit to relieve the pain. Kristin, from the very first appointment, began to effectively loosen my back muscles and through therapy relieved most of the chronic back pain within the first six (6) visits. I am now able to walk for about 30 minutes (about one mile) without pain. Kristin really understands the human body (a Doctorate in Physical Therapy) and combines that knowledge with effective therapy treatment to successfully treat and keep her patients. She is THE BEST physical therapist I’ve have ever had, and I am 83 years old!
— Gene D
Kristin is just the best! I had work related pain due in my hips and lower back and her method brought relief immediately. She knew exactly which muscles to manipulate to help take the pain away and gave me exercises to do to prevent it from coming back. I can confidently say that now my work in dentistry is way more enjoyable!!!! Would recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, cutting edge and compassionate therapist!
— A. Wolfe